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The Sorenson Impact Center helps organizations achieve their impact vision by:

  • Connecting capital to social and environmental solutions.
  • Helping organizations measure, report, and improve impact.
  • Integrating data science and people-centered storytelling into all that we do.

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Our Vision

We envision an equitable and thriving world where everyone is valued, communities prosper, and the measured impact of our actions guides our decision-making.

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Stories of Impact

“It's difficult to go back to an education that's been whittled down to the bare minimum–and then some.”

The MAPS Project is a student-centric initiative to chart the rapidly evolving higher education system and works to bring high-quality data and historically marginalized voices to higher ed decision-makers.



Investor, founding partner, STEM entrepreneur, and diversity advocate

Stories of Impact

“I started to see that the venture dollars weren't going to people that looked like me. They weren't going to women. They weren't going to founders of color...there was just no reason for that to be the case.”

Kimmy Paluch has made it her mission to advance underestimated entrepreneurs and change the flow of investment capital in the U.S. She shares her insights on how to build a successful company and achieve product-market fit in a video course as part of Project DEEP, a collaborative effort to create more equitable economies through supporting diverse entrepreneurs and investors.



Fit to Recover Founder

Stories of Impact

“The team at Sorenson Impact Center made our story come to life with attention to detail and brilliant filmmaking.”

In 2015, Ian Acker founded Fit To Recover, a recovery community and nonprofit that helps people in sobriety connect through fitness, nutrition, creative arts and community service. What began with a Facebook post and a boombox has become a thriving recovery community in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Student Program

We are proudly housed at the University of Utah David Eccles School of business. Training future impact leaders is central to our mission to advance impact. We do this through academic programming and experiential learning in each of our practice areas.

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