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Impact Definition

Assess the current impact measurement process rooted in performance to date. Clarify theory of change and define associated key performance indicators.

Director, Impact Measurement & Evaluation

The Director will have the opportunity to join a growing team in the Impact Strategy team. The Impact
Strategy team consults with public, private, and social sector entities to develop impact strategy
and measurement and evaluation frameworks to measure, monitor, and change corporate and
social sector behavior. The position will play an important role in expanding our Measurement &
Evaluation work, including impact investing measurement and evaluation. This is an increasingly
important part of our Measurement & Evaluation work as a growing number of investors seek to
enter impact investing supported with robust impact measurement fundamentals. As such we
are looking for a forward thinking, creative leader with expertise in impact measurement
frameworks to help our clients and grantees measure the impact of their investments as well as
social projects.

Impact Strategy professionals play an important role in our client work, including project
management, capacity building and performance. The ideal candidate will oversee, plan and
implement measurement and evaluation program(s) for impact investing and impact strategy as
a part of our client work, ensuring goals and objectives are in accordance with established
criteria. They will be responsible for managing teams, supporting research, content generation,
data support, and stakeholder engagement. The expected day-to-day activities include; strategic
planning, client management, business development, project monitoring and evaluating, team
management, mentorship, staffing, analysis and reporting.

Location: Utah-based candidates preferred, full-time remote candidates are welcome to apply.



  • Provide expertise in measurement and evaluation (M&E) planning and methodology to
    the team for strategic planning.
  • Lead the design of impact frameworks for activities for both clients and internal center
    activities taking into account recent industry best practices around UNSDGs, IRIS+,
    GIIRS, etc, as well as leading the industry into new and better frameworks.
  • Ensure the full Center team is trained and knowledgeable about tools and data collection
    procedures (e.g. logical framework, project performance tracking, indicators, data flow
    chart, manuals). Conduct research, measurement, and evaluation to determine
    performance and impact indicators and targets to ensure clear measurement models for
    the Center.


  • Identify business opportunities including, but not limited to, publicly posted RFPs,
    develop proposals, and win revenue-generating, impactful work for the Center.
  • Provide expertise in measurement and evaluation (M&E) planning and methodology,
    including the design and implementation of measurement and evaluation for clients.
  • Interact regularly with clear and consistent communications with Center business


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or related area, or equivalency; eight years of progressively more responsible management experience; and demonstrated leadership, human relations and effective communications skills required.

Master’s degree in Business Administration, or related area preferred.

Applicants must demonstrate the potential ability to perform the essential functions of the job as outlined in the position description.


  • Experience and skills that make the candidate comfortable and excited to work
    across academic and practitioner settings.
  • PhD in relevant topic areas, for example impact measurement, impact investing,
    or impact reporting.
  • Experience and expertise in existing impact measurement frameworks, including
    the UNSDGs, IRIS+, ESGGIIRS, etc.
  • Experience in social and/or environmental impact sector
  • Experience working with founders and entrepreneurs to support their reporting
    progress and impact
  • Demonstrated critical thinking and analytical, writing and communication skills.
  • Ability to collaborate and function effectively on a highly motivated, innovative,
    and entrepreneurial team.

The Sorenson Impact Center strongly encourages diverse applicants including those who self-identify as Black, Native or Indigenous, People of Color, LGBTQIA+, non-binary, living with disabilities, neurodivergent, speak English as a second language and others from overlooked/underestimated communities.

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