Guide to Community-Engaged Impact Measurement

A Method to Equitably Measure Impact and Advance Efforts

Brigit Helms

DR. TIANA ROGERS | Senior Director of Impact Strategy, Sorenson Impact Center

Impact measurement is about being able to show, and not just tell, that you are doing meaningful and important work that is impacting a specific community or addressing a specific problem.

The Guide to Community-Engaged Impact Measurement helps organizations know and show their impact by quantifying efforts and increasing transparency and accountability to attract investment. Many social service organizations have limited capacity — in terms of both time and resources — to pursue critical community priorities. This free guide helps organizations determine where to focus their efforts within their existing constraints.

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The Guide to Community-Engaged Impact Measurement contains valuable resources and case studies to help organizational leaders understand impact measurement and how it can advance their work, enhance trust with stakeholders, and build business resilience. You’ll also learn how — and why — to engage a community in evidence-based decision-making.

Within this guide, you can:

  • Watch Sorenson Impact Center’s virtual convening on Community-Based Impact Measurement
  • Review highlights of an impact measurement case study 
  • Read an interview with impact strategy expert Dr. Tiana Rogers
  • Learn how Sorenson Impact Center can help you achieve your impact goals and measure your efforts