We connect capital to social and environmental good.

Impact Finance

Traditional philanthropic and government organizations alone cannot adequately fund solutions to pressing community and global challenges, such as those the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) seeks to address. Finding solutions requires innovation to align the interests and goals of the public, social and private sectors.

Our solution

We work to ensure organizations and governments serving underserved communities are aligned and have access to capital that can help fund real solutions to their challenges.

Through innovation in finance, we help our clients bridge the gap between private capital and social and environmental needs focused on lasting change.

Innovative finance solutions require buy-in from multiple stakeholders. We work with our clients to bridge the knowledge and communication gap that exists between finance, community providers, governments, and public and private markets.


Examples of impact financial solutions

  • Community Equity Funds
  • Opportunity zone funding incorporating social and/or environmental impact services
  • Outcomes-based financing projects (pay-for-success, pay-for-performance, etc.)
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Local, state, and federal governments

Health systems

Venture capital

Impact funds



Financial institutions

How we help

We innovate
We develop new and effective financial models, structures, and products to connect public and private capital to social and environmental impact.
We innovate
We develop new and effective financial models, structures, and products to connect public and private capital to social and environmental impact.
We bridge the gap between traditional mainstream finance and impact in underserved communities.
We align mainstream financial players and, when appropriate, impact investors, committed to connecting the necessary capital to help solve social and environmental challenges.

We develop scalable high impact financeable projects and educate communities about the requirements and preferences of finance.

We develop data analytics to accurately measure risk and return of impact investments to scale.
We help drive systemic change through policy and thought leadership.

How we are different

As a university-based institution, we are an unbiased participant motivated by lasting and measurable impact as our north-star.


  • Our approach is rooted in the needs of underserved communities.
  • Our staff has expertise in the public and private sectors in finance, community development, strategic growth, research, data analysis, and policy.
  • We design human-centered tailored solutions for our partners.
  • We actively engage with all stakeholders.
  • We value relationships and approach our work with humility.
  • We dig in with extensive due diligence on interventions and programs. We understand how to interpret research and apply it to our work.
  • We bring policy expertise and impact finance together to help our clients achieve their impact vision.
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View Impact Finance team
Blackham, Brittany

Brittany Blackham

Student Fellow, Impact Finance

Dejacimo, Paul

Paul Dejacimo

Student Fellow, Impact Finance

Dubno, Janis

Janis Dubno

MBA, Managing Director, Impact Finance

Forth, Katherine (Kate)

Katherine (Kate) Forth

Student Fellow, Impact Finance

Freeman, Gabe

Gabe Freeman

Senior Associate, Impact Finance

Gaztambide, Katherine

Katherine Gaztambide

Senior Advisor

Jensen, Justin

Justin Jensen

Student Fellow, Impact Finance

Lo, Alan

Alan Lo

Program Manager

McAdams, Ben

Ben McAdams

Sr. Advisor

Petro-Eschler, Victoria

Victoria Petro-Eschler

Program Support, Impact Finance

Richard, Trysten

Trysten Richard

Student Fellow, Impact Finance

Storie, Matt

Matt Storie

Student Fellow, Impact Finance

Tiwari, Anya

Anya Tiwari

Student Fellow, Impact Finance

Tuttle, Luke

Luke Tuttle

Associate, Impact Finance

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Our work

Our work across multiple areas of impact expertise across the globe has helped our partners fully realize their impact vision.

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