Guilford County Dashboard
A tool for leaders and residents to understand the many aspects of life within their community.

The Sorenson Impact Center can use data systems to analyze not only impact on communities, but also daily life within those communities.

North Carolina wanted to know exactly what it’s like to be a Guilford County resident. They came to us with questions about their community and we helped them answer those questions using existing data.

First we researched, gathered, and analyzed data for many different variables including age, gender, race & ethnicity, life expectancy, birth rates, employment, transportation, the weather, and many more. Then we created data models that visualized life in Guilford County. We took all of this information and created a custom dashboard for their community to use as an ongoing project as they incorporate missing and new data to enrich the lives current and future residents of Guilford.


The Partner

Guilford County, North Carolina

The Challenge

The leaders and residents of Guilford County, North Carolina asked us to help them better understand the lives of residents and identify possible issues that communities and individuals face.

The Outcome

After conducting several focus groups with members of the communities to understand what they wanted to achieve, we used data systems to answer the questions they asked.

The Impact

Using the results of our data analysis and the issues presented in the focus groups, we created a tool for Guilford County to engage together and address issues that may not have been discussed about before.