Huntsman Mental Health Institute
Huntsman Mental Health Institute

The Sorenson Impact Center has been engaged by HMHI to identify the institute’s social and economic impact, and to quantify that impact and capture it through a comprehensive and forward-looking monetization framework. Across the US, mental health access is lacking and, when available, is usually unaffordable or not reimbursed adequately. By quantifying its financial and social benefits of mental healthcare, HMHI aims to demonstrate that increased investment in this area will have multiple downstream benefits for society.

In order to determine the social and economic outcomes linked to HMHI’s programs and services, the Sorenson Impact Center reviewed economic evaluations and cost-benefit analyses for each clinical program and mapped the underlying social outcomes. By collecting both financial and patient data, the Sorenson Impact Center team will build a financial model to demonstrate the ROI of HMHI’s programs and services.

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Huntsman Mental Health Institute (HMHI)

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