Institute for Child Success SIPPRA
An economic financial model to obtain funding for children's social services.
The Institute for Child Success (ICS) and Sorenson Impact Center are partnered to help communities interested in obtaining funding from the federal Social Impact Partnerships to Pay for Results Act (SIPPRA).

SIPPRA is closely related to Pay for Success contracts and through ICS and the Sorenson Impact Center, communities nationwide will have the opportunity to promote investments in early childhood services and interventions.

The Center built an economic financial model and provided guidance and research to assist in applications for this federal opportunity.


The Partner

The Institute for Child Success (ICS)

The Challenge

As a continuation of previous work we had done with them, the Institute for Child Success asked us to build a financial model and help attain a grant from the SIPPRA legislation.

The Outcome

This project is in progress.

The Impact

SIPPRA grants will allow organizations across the country attain funding to support social impact services. ICS would be able to finance the support and education of children nationwide through this work.

Institute for Child Success SIPPRA updates