Helping organizations integrate measurable impact into decision making.

Impact Strategy

For businesses and organizations today, creating a positive social impact is directly tied to sustainability and growth. But how can organizations transition their business strategy to prioritize social good and fully account for the resources they are applying toward impact?

Our impact measurement and strategy team helps organizations identify a strategic approach to achieve your impact vision. 

Our solution

Using data science as a key tool, we help organizations create impact measurement evaluation and reporting frameworks, develop impact strategies, and design evidence-based and impact-centered policies and programming. Working with our storytelling team, we develop strategies to tell your impact story in an engaging and human-centered way.

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Social service and environmental organizations

Private sector/for-profit organizations

Investment portfolios

Foundations and Philanthropic portfolios

Impact Definition

Assess the current impact measurement process rooted in performance to date. Clarify theory of change and define associated key performance indicators.

Our expertise

Measurement, evaluation, and reporting

Impact-driven strategic planning

Public policy impact strategy

Community-based research & engagement

Our Approach

We bring top-tier data scientists and data visualization practices to all our work.

We apply informed and rigorous  impact measurement and analysis practices.

We leverage our position as a University-affiliated organization to draw from a deep bench of academics and researchers who can contribute to helping us solve the most important issues.

We convert the research, analysis, and evaluation data into compelling and actionable stories to inspire the world to listen and act.

Using data, measurement, and evaluation our policy experts offer impact-centered recommendations for governments and organizations, while forming partnerships to champion those policies to key stakeholders.

How we are different

Comprehensive Process & Methodology

Our framework spans all phases of the impact measurement process – accurately defining impact, integrating data tracking and visualization tools, analyzing and reporting insights, setting up a structure for long-term sustainability of measurement systems, and integrating a feedback loop for continuous improvement.

We are University affiliated applied researchers.

We are career scientists. We take the academic rigor and infuse it into our work to preserve the integrity of academic research and community interventions.

We offer tailored impact solutions and data tracking and visualization tools.

With constantly evolving standards, along with differing stakeholder expectations, our experts design solutions specific to the needs of our partners with accuracy, accountability, and clear communication in mind.

Human-centered, comprehensive impact measurement
Our experience has taught us that the people who are closest to the problem are the most likely people to have the solutions.

  • We utilize a unique-to-the-industry mixed-method approach to synthesizing both quantitative and qualitative data in our analysis and reporting.
  • Our process gives clients key insights into the personal stories and challenges of stakeholders in their community creating a human-centered connection to organizational decision-making.
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Destajo, Teren

Destajo, Teren

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Li, Victor (Xiang)

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Muller, Meredith

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Patlolla, Suchritha

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Schoof, Timothy

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Vandertoolen, Taylor

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Vo, Tien

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Wang, Qinwen (Katherine)

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Wosnjuk, Wilson

Wilson Wosnjuk

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Our work

Our work across multiple areas of impact expertise across the globe has helped our partners fully realize their impact vision.

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