Student team

Anderson, Gavin

Gavin Anderson

Beacom, Katie

Katie Beacom

Biesinger, Lindsay

Lindsay Biesinger

Student Fellow, Graphic Design

Bird, David

David Bird

Boggins, Abigail

Abigail Boggins

Bunting, Abraham

Abraham Bunting

Chase, Cameron

Cameron Chase

Christensen, David

David Christensen

Coe, Carson

Carson Coe

Dalton, Isaac

Isaac Dalton

Destajo, Teren

Teren Destajo

Gardiner, Derek

Derek Gardiner

Student Fellow, Graphic Design

Gates, Delaney

Delaney Gates

Harikumar, Abhi

Abhi Harikumar

Hill, Aly

Aly Hill

Student Fellow, Communications

Hofbauer, Jack

Jack Hofbauer

Janisch, Eric

Eric Janisch

Jensen, Justin

Justin Jensen

Johnson, Kyle

Kyle Johnson

Johnson, Xander

Xander Johnson

Kaufman, Anna

Anna Kaufman

Klinge, Gabrielle

Gabrielle Klinge

Kulkani, Aakash

Aakash Kulkani

Li, Victor (Xiang)

Victor (Xiang) Li

Palmer, Annalynn

Annalynn Palmer

Patlolla, Suchritha

Suchritha Patlolla

Peterson, Connor

Connor Peterson

Rodriguez, Alex

Alex Rodriguez

Schoof, Timothy

Timothy Schoof

Seabrooks-Smith, Heidi

Heidi Seabrooks-Smith

Sharma, Aastha

Aastha Sharma

Silva, Kaique

Kaique Silva

Smith Brown, Maci

Maci Smith Brown

Student Fellow, Video

Vandertoolen, Taylor

Taylor Vandertoolen

Vo, Tien

Tien Vo

Wang, Qinwen (Katherine)

Qinwen (Katherine) Wang

Wayment, Cooper

Cooper Wayment

Wosnjuk, Wilson

Wilson Wosnjuk

Young, Aaron

Aaron Young

Zhang, Cathleen

Cathleen Zhang

Zurita, Nephi

Nephi Zurita

Student Fellow, Graphic Design

team photo

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